Chevrolet: Best sports car

This sportscar is the eight generation of the corvette sports car manufactured by Chevrolet. It is the first mid-engine corvette since the models first introduction in 1953, quite different from the traditional front engine design. The C8 was announced in April 2019 and the car made its official debut on July 18, 2019, in Tustin, California. The convertible however made its debut later in the year in October. The racing version of the C8.R, also made its debut the same month. Production finally started on February 3, 2020. The production was delayed by the walkout of 48,000 United Automobile Workers from 50 different plants.

Following several experimental prototype vehicles, the C8 IS GM’s first production mid-engine sports car since the Pontiac Fiero was discontinued. The Pontiac Fiero which was  is a rear mid engine light sports car, model years 1984-1988, now lets get back to the C8. The C8  features a vastly different design from previous designs from previous corvettes, with an all-new aluminum architecture and coil cover springs used on prior models. The exterior features a more popping build of aerodynamics including larger air intakes which are pieces in the motor that take in the air and cools down the engine, and prominent side air scoops are on the side of the car that take in air and spits it out the back of the car for better aerodynamics. The trunk is in the rear with an additional storage space at the front of the car. Combine these storage spaces and you get 13ft’2 of cargo space, 2ft less than the C7. As a result to switch to the mid-engine design, the passenger cell has been moved forward by 16.5in. the cockpit has been designed to be driver centric (built mostly made for one driver) with a number of controls mounted on the center counsel as well as adding a new hexagonal  steering wheel, and a 12in digital screen replaces the instrument cluster and reflects one of the six driving modes selected, and is accompanied by and 8in touchscreen. A special Z button (a homage to Zora Arkus-Duntov “Father of the corvette,”) is also mounted on the steering wheel, this can quickly activate customized performance settings for the car.

The C8’s top speed is about 200MPH, especially since the 490 horsepower C8 stingray was already capable of reaching a top speed of 194MPH, but a leaked owner’s manual reportedly revealed the maximum speed of the car can be down shifted from 6th gear tops at 188MPH. given the specialties of this car and an 8-speed transmission reaching top gear while stretching its tachometer is likely to reach 200MPH. This cars acceleration is quite impressive accelerating 0-60 in 3.0 seconds. If you would like to buy the C8 the price starts at $60,000 and goes higher and higher when adding tuning, without tuning it, it can reach up to 194MPH.

Fact about the  car: The first 2020 corvette was auctioned at $3million.

😎My team, Arborg Falcons😎

our hockey team has been really successful this year we haven’t lost a game only a exhibition game which doesn’t count for wins and losses in the regular season. when we started playing we started in the B division we plated about 7 games in the B division then moved to A because we were winning too much games and didn’t have a loss.

When we moved to A our first game was against the best team in the league the Warren Mercs. The game was in their rink so they had home ice advantage. We came out strong I got the first goal 1-0. I came out the next line and scored another goal 2-0 then they were on a breakaway but my speedy friend caught up to him and shoot it down the ice to my other friend then he zigzagged around the defense man shot and he scored 3-0. Then Warren had the puck in our end the d-man shot it and got a lucky bounce 3-1.

Second period there wasn’t much exciting moments only they scored 3-2 but we answered back 4-2 sooo, third period I’m on a 1-1 against their d-man i deke past him and score 5-2. 5-2 was the final score. We won our next few games and now we are top of A.


My jets game

We and my mom were driving to my jets game our family and my friends family and their grandparents shared the tickets so we all got the same amount, anyways we got to Winnipeg and started making our way to the Canada life center.

We got to the Canada life center and quickly made our way to our seats because we already missed the singing of the national anthems(Vegas golden knights #second favorite team). W went to our seat section but we had to wait because of a flying puck rule. When we got into our seats we sat and watched the first period. Vegas scored 2 and jets scored 2. It was an 18 minute intermission. Me and my mom weren’t hungry so we sat and waited for the puck to be dropped but just before the period started my mom got me cotton candy(LET’S GOOOO).

Vegas scored 2 goals that period and jets scored 1. Then it was intermission before I knew it(and I was halfway done my cotton candy before I knew it). Me and my mom were hungry this intermission so I got PIZZA. the puck dropped and the 3rd period started. jets scored, Vegas scored(5-4 Vegas) Vegas scored on a power play(6-4 Vegas). half of me is sad half of me is happy, two of your favorite teams one is winning one is losing, what do you expect. 5 seconds,4 seconds,3, 2, Scheifele(Winnipeg jets player) scores with one second left(final score (6-5 Vegas).

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Player Review: Mark Scheifele - Arctic Ice Hockey

Mark Scheifele (retro jerseys)

The Beaches

        1939, corporal Calvin Jackson is in his Higgins boat, it is the boat that transports the troops to the beaches of D-day. “What am I doing here” whispered said Calvin under his breath but his friend Pete heard him he looked at him and said “come on you must have a reason to be here. Calvin didn’t one day he was having a nerf with his little brother and then just had a crazy idea of what it would be like to be in the war that was about to start so he talked to his parents and registered in the Canadian army. He then got the rank of corporal, corporal Calvin Jackson.

He came back to present day when the boat hit a wave some people fell but got back up that’s when Calvin heard it woooooeeeee sploosh a missile hit the water about two feet away from the boat water splashed over the seven-foot wall. “If a missile could hit us that means we are pretty close to the beach,” Calvin thought. The navies couldn’t tell it was such a foggy night just then the commander bellowed “I just got word that we are close. Get your big girl panties on you pretty princesses-” the captain stopped talking everybody followed the captains gaze the saw the outline of a big island the beaches of D-day as they got closer they could hear distant shouting then dink-pink-chink-kink there boat was getting shot at fear ran through Calvin he wanted to climb over the seven foot wall and swim as far as he can but someone already had that idea he started climbing over the wall he was half over then pat-pat-pat red liquid stated oozing from his body he met Calvin’s eyes the his body went limp and fell over the other side of the wall.

Sceesh the world seemed to stop the ramp fell down pat-pat-pat-pat bullets flew into the boat the people in front dropped dead Calvin kept on running he was expecting to get hit until he fell into the water knee deep he sprinted, he got to the edge of the beach he ran and dove behind a Czech hedgehog (big steel x’s meant to slow down tanks but the navy’s used them as shelter) he positioned himself behind the x pink-pink-pink they tried to shoot at Calvin but he was protected just then Pete dove beside him seconds after panting. “Then we just wait here I guess.” Acknowledged Pete

Calvin woke up, he had fallen asleep! He saw Pete beside him wide awake, it was dark now, there was a distant cry for a medic. “You ready to go”? asked Pete he nodded to a group of soldiers against the sea wall there were tanks sitting still fighting with the guns then Calvin and Pete got up and sprinted they felt the sand kick up behind him the Nazis saw them Calvin started running faster he didn’t even know he could run that fast before he knew it, he was diving towards the sea wall. A couple of minutes later a tank shot at the wall they were through. “Here we come Nazis” Calvin thought the group of soldiers were led by a commander. He ordered them to raid the first bunker. First, they through a grenade then started shooting their guns, and finally charged the found three Nazis that survived then took care of them.

They started walking in the direction of Berlin. After walking, eating their emergency rations, sleeping for four days, they finally saw the outline of a big city. Berlin. They started jogging the were for some reason excited then BANG the commander dropped dead. Calvin knew exactly what happened. Sniper. The group instinctively ran to a building; little did they know that that was the building the sniper was in. Calvin looked up, he saw a barrel pointing down he shouted, “look out”! But it was too late BANG a navy yelled in pain then click-click pat-pat. He saw the sniper fall backwards then looked over and saw Pete his face full of rage red liquid was running down his chest he got hit in the top of the shoulder Calvin saw his eyes swim for a second then he collapsed he went and knelt beside Pete his face was white as a ghost his eyes were just a bit open but he was breathing. A couple minutes after they heard rumbling, CHINK-CHINK-CHINK, a tank. Calvin peeked around the corner a massive Panzer they had to destroy, but it all the heavy gear they had was a sticky bomb. The group decided someone had to go out there a plant it and set it off with a grenade and take cover. Calvin gathered up all his fears and threw then away he said he will do it. He grabbed the explosives and ran straight towards a Panzer he felt something slam into his leg the explosives flew towards the tank and Calvin fell flat on his face and slid under the tank BOOM the explosion went off and everything went black. Calvin woke up in a medical bed on a boat with Pete on the next bed over relief came over Calvin he was going home!

Authors note: This was a short story I wrote in class. Thank you for reading my story.

top 3 hockey all stars

Hi everybody I’m here with a blog about “top 3 hockey all stars”. I am talking about hockey all stars because some of these hockey players inspired me to play hockey and they are just super good players. Let me know if you have other players that I might’ve missed them. Hope you like my blog.

3 Bobby Orr

famous for his leaping celebration in the 1970 Stanley cup final, Bobby was the first historic offensive defenseman. In 1970 he led the most points for a defenseman (120) Orr finished second with a career high 139 the next season before returning to the number one spot with 135 in 1974-75

2 Wayne Gretzky

The great one is the best scorer and there is no doubt about it. for a simple explanation of Gretzky’s dominance- he totaled 1963 assists in his 21 years. no player in NHL history has ever collected more goals and assists than him. Gretzky who had hoisted the Stanley cup over his head 4 times, captured 18 all star nods, 10 art ross trophies and 9 hart memorial trophies.

1 Bobby Orr

Gordie Howe broke into the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings in 1946. After 32 professional seasons, and even skating alongside his sons Marty and Mark the right winger played his last game in 1980. Mr. Hockey spent 25 years in Detroit, winning six league MVP awards, six scoring titles and four Stanley Cup championships. He became the author of the “Gordie Howe Hat Trick,” which is accomplished with a goal, assist and a fight in a single game. Howe, who also played six seasons in the WHA, wrapped up his career with 41 points as a member of the Hartford Whalers. Otherwise, 1,809 of his 1,850 NHL points happened in Detroit. Nobody has appeared in more NHL games (1,767), and his 22 consecutive 20-goal NHL seasons remain unmatched. Those marks are likely to stand the test of time.

Gordie Howe Hartford Walers

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Conner McDavid

Hi every one today I am doing a blog on Conner McDavid the professional hockey player.

whoever is reading this and doesn’t know who he is I am going to tell you. Conner Andrew McDavid ,born January 1917 is a professional ice hockey player center and captain of the Edmonton oilers of the national hockey league (NHL).

Conner spent his life playing against older players. coached by his father Conner won four Ontario minor hockey association championships with the York simcoe express, but left the team in 2011 to join the toronto malrobos of the greater toronto hocket league. there conner was named the GTHL player of the year and won the tim adams trophy. he was granted exceptional player status in 2012 by hockey Canada. Conner also got to play for Canada at many international competitions such as winning gold in 2013 IIHF world U18 championships and 2015 world junior ice hockey championships.

after finishing his junior career Conner joined the Edmonton oilers for their 2015-2016 season despite missing 3 months because of a fractured clavicle, he was named to the NHL All Rookie Team and was the finalist for the Calder memorial trophy. the next year the oilers appointed 19 year old Conner McDavid the youngest captain in NHL history. recording 100 points during the 2016-2017, Connor was also the youngest player to win the Art Ross Trophy.

this concludes my blog on Connor McDavid hope you know more or who he is.

Edmonton Oilers plyer Conner McDavid

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